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Well where do I start ? Humm, let's see-

I am someone who just can't help myself from seeing alternate endings- You know, where the writers of your favorite show seem to abruptly pull away from a desired direction and your MIND just goes wild with WHERE it could have gone.

And have been this way as far back as I can remember-

Then I learned that I LOVE to write! It's such a relaxing and euphoric feeling to be able to see something in YOUR mind and HOPEFULLY be able to reproduce it in words that others can not only READ- but VISUALIZE for themselves.

I am the type of person who LIKES challenges as well- Where someone says , " Oh that's Not possible ". Well I LOVE to prove it is- Nothing in life is easy, but everything is possible with a little hard work and determination.

My biggest challenge ? Finding quiet places to write-

Future goal- to return to school for ME- Not because I HAVE to, but just because I WANT to-

Maybe a creative writing course .

This is MY first open writing and at the urging of friends will give it my best shot-
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